Ocean View Elementary

Remembrance Day Ceremony - Wall of Honour

Dear Families,

The following message pertains to our upcoming Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday November 9th at 10:45.

Remembrance Day Display 2017

To show respect for the memory of those who currently or have served in the military, Ocean View Elementary School will be displaying a Wall of Honour.  We would like to acknowledge any veterans or active personnel who are related to the students of Ocean View Elementary.  If you are able, please provide a picture and paste it on the Remembrance Day template which can be downloaded below this message.  Students should colour the poppies and ribbon on the template to make it personal.

Note:  realizing that some photos may be very old and valuable, a photocopy (or other type of copy) would be preferred.  Completed sheets should be given to your child's classroom teacher.  The display will be up on the wall outside the gym for the month of November.  Everything should be returned to the students by December.

Please send in your Remembrance Day pictures attached to the template as soon as possible.  The deadline for the templates will be November 8th as the ceremony will be November 9th.