Ocean View Elementary

Holiday Concerts

This year we will be having our concerts on December 11th and December 12th in the evening.  There will be afternoon dress rehearsals that people are welcome to watch.  Tickets are not required for the dress rehearsals.  The dress rehearsals will begin at 1:30 each afternoon.


Our evening concerts will begin at 6:30pm with the doors opening at 6:00pm.  Due to fire regulations, we must use tickets for entry.  Each student will receive 2 tickets for the evening of their concert.  Tickets will be sent out in December.  We will be setting up an online waitlist for those needing more than 2 tickets.  We can not guarantee that we will be able to fill all of the requests.  If you are not planning on attending or do not need your tickets, please send them back to the main office so we can give them to someone else.  It may turn out that families with more than one child at the school have to attend both nights.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accomodate in changing this.  Please note: babies/toddlers will count as bodies even if they are not taking up a seat.  If you need an extra ticket for them, please put your name on the waitlist when it goes live in December.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKETS IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE EVENING CONCERT.


Wednesday, December 11th performances:  Pri. Cheverie, Pri. Lambert, Gr. 1 Mason/Wilhelm, Gr. 2 Mosher/Clarke, Gr. 2 Watson, and Gr. 3 Anderson

Thursday, December 12th performances:  Pri. Craft, Pri./ 1 MacLeod, Gr. 1 Gilis, Gr. 1 Shellnutt/Walsh, Gr. 2 Smith, Gr. 2/3 Nisha/Tynes, and Gr. 3 Ardley