Ocean View Elementary

Water Bottles and Disposable Cutlery


As outlined in an earlier communication to parents from the Halifax Regional Centre for Education, Health Canada has recently set new guidelines for lead in drinking water.  As a result, all schools will have drinking water tested for lead, with Ocean View Elementary expected to be tested sometime between June and October 2020.  The HRCE has provided our school with 20 litre water jugs that will be dispensed from a water cooler in the building.  Our current drinking fountains will no longer be in use.  We are recommending you send in filled refillable water bottles.  To reduce the environmental impact, parents/guardians have been encouraged to send their children to school with reusable water bottles.  HRCE is not providing cups unless the school was previously on bottled water and getting cups already.


Disposable Cutlery:

To reduce environmental impact, our school will no longer be providing disposable forks or spoons.  Please ensure you send cutlery with your child for recess and/or lunch.