Ocean View Elementary

Military Support for Families

We wanted to reach out to our families during this difficult time to let them know that we are thinking of them.  There have been a lot of traumatic events that have been happening in a short period of time and that can put an incredible strain on families. Although your children are not in school, our staff is available to the families.  You can contact them via their webpages, email, or (if they have it) google classroom.  

Our guidance counsellor, Mrs. Williams has written a brief letter that includes information on some resources that Military families can access.  If you are not a military family but still are looking for support, there is another attachment or please feel free to reach out to Ms. Williams, Ms. Brace, Ms. Walsh, or the classroom teacher. Please take a moment to read the letters Ms. Williams has put together.

Take care of each other,

Staff of Ocean View