Ocean View Elementary

Collecting Student Belongings

Good afternoon! This is a message to all of our families from Pre-primary to grade 3:

An email alert will be issued this evening concerning student belongings left at the school. The email contains a student supply pick up schedule for our school community.  We have very specific times for families as well as specific doors.  Please read this email carefully. It is very important.

·         We have divided the student population according to last names. Please refer to the schedule below to find out which door you will be going to.

·         Please come only at your designated time.  If you are unable to come at that time, we have an evening session Wednesday June 10 4:30-6pm where anyone who wasn’t able to make their original time can come.

·         Social distancing is a must. Please be respectful and follow public health rules

·         One family member can stand in line to pick up belongings.

·         If you are having a friend/neighbor pick up your child’s belongings, you MUST email the teacher letting them know this.  Belongings will NOT be released if you do not communicate this with your child’s teacher.

·         Medicines  

We will have any medicines/epi pens that have been left at the school at the appropriate door according to last name.  We will only give the medicines to an adult.

·         Lost and found

Due to public health protocols, we are unable to put out the lost and found right now. Teachers have sent out pictures of unlabelled sneakers to their classes.  If you didn’t receive that email, please contact your child’s teacher.  We will be bagging up any unclaimed clothing and sneakers and putting it away until such time as we are allowed to put it out for people to peruse through. Unfortunately, due to the public health concerns, we will not be searching through these bags looking for any items at this time.

·         Reimbursement Cheques

If you are supposed to be getting a reimbursement cheque for monies paid for milk or pizza you will be given that cheque with your child’s belongings.

Library Books/Classroom Books

There will be a milk crate/basket at the door where you are picking up your child's belongings. You can put the books in this bin. 

·         We will have Wednesday June 10th from 4:30-6 available for those who are unable to make their designated time.

Retrieving your child’s supplies:

·         Look at the attached schedule and find what door your last name is supposed to go to.

·         If you have been assigned the back door closest to the dirt road, please park on the upper part of the street or the dirt road.

·         If you have been assigned the back door closest to the swings or the front door, please park ONLY on the street and NOT on the dirt road (so as to avoid congestion)


·         When you arrive at your designated time, please stand by the cones/indicators at your assigned door that allow for social distancing to occur.

·         When you are at the front of the line – you can step up to the door, but please do NOT enter the building until you are told you can.

·         You will let the staff member know the name(s) of the children you are collecting for.  The staff member will retrieve the belongings and place them on the table that is just inside the door. If you are supposed to be getting medicine and/or a cheque you will receive that as well. 

·         Once the staff member has stepped away and indicated that you may take the belongings, you may step inside and do so.

·         When you have your child(ren)’s belongings, please exit while maintaining social distancing.


We will be running this rain or shine, so please dress accordingly.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher.


Pick Up Schedule: Monday June 8th


Swing Set Door

Back Dirt Road Door

Front Door






A (8 families)

K (4 families)

Ba-Bl (9 families)

Da-Di (10 families)






Ca-Cl (10 families)

Bo-Br (10 families)

Do-Du (9 families)






Co-Cs (9 families)

Bu-By (5 families)

O (4 families)

Fa-Fo (8 families)

I (1 family)






Cu (4 families)

E (6 families)

Ha (10 families)

Fr (4 families)

Ga-Go (7 families)






J (8 families)

Hi-Hu (11 families)

Gr-Gu (5 families)

V (3 families)






Pick Up Schedule: Tuesday June 9th


Swing Set Door

Back Dirt Road Door

Front Door






L (11 families)


MacC- MacD (10 families)

Sa-Sm (10 families)






Pa-Ph (10 families)

MacG-Man (8 families)

So-Sw (10 families)






Pi-Pr (11 families)

Mar-McK (10 families)


T (8 families)

U (1 family)






Ra-Ri (8 families)


McL-Morr (11 families)

Wa (7 families)






Ro-Ru (8 families)

Q (1 family)

Mos-My (7 families)

We-Wy (7 families)







Wednesday June 10th

This is ONLY for anyone who was unable to come to their assigned time above.  We will be using the front door for this timeframe.  

4:30-5 - Last name A-H

5-5:30 - Last name I-P

5:30-6 - Last name Q-Z