Ocean View Elementary

Milk Monies & Pizza Monies

Good afternoon. Our last installment of milk orders was supposed to begin on March 23rd- June 19th. It was for 58 days at a total cost of $23.20. We are going to offer 2 options to those that were participating in the milk program. 1. You can let Ms. Diggs know that you would like that monies to carry over to the next school year. This would mean that, once the milk program starts up again, your child would have milk for 58 days. 2. If you had paid for this and would like a refund, please let Ms. Diggs know as well . All requests - either for monies to carry over or get a refund (in the form of a cheque) must be in to Ms. Diggs by THIS FRIDAY MAY 29th. For those current grade 3 students moving on to Seaside who participated in the milk program - the school will automatically be issuing a cheque refund for $23.20. You don't need to contact Ms. Diggs. We also had been in the middle of a 5 week block of pizza orders. Students who were participating would have continued to receive pizza on March 24th and 31st. Due to the pandemic, this did not happen. We will be issuing those who had paid for that block a cheque refund of $8.00. Please contact Ms. Diggs at kdiggs@hrce.ca no later than May 29th. Thank you